Texas Pride

As a Texas company, we take great pride in both our roots and our work. It is Galleon’s mission to be the go-to partner you trust.

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Get more from your Technology

Galleon Virtual is a collective of Technologists providing end-to-end solutions for custom network planning and design, managed IT, and technical installation services.

Get more from your Technology

Galleon Virtual is a collective of Technologists providing end-to-end solutions for custom network planning and design, managed IT, and technical installation services.

Managed Services

Galleon offers streamlined managed IT services to help you get maximum benefit from your technology, while driving out cost. We will provide service for any of your technical needs, whenever you need. Our Support Team will monitor your network and backup your files around the clock so you don’t have to worry about them. With a fixed-fee agreement, you get a discounted hourly rate for any other technical help you need: from email support to printer installations, file recovery, and much more.

Projects & Consulting

Easily and affordably deploying new tools, features, and technologies is just a normal day at GVS. Delivering technical projects on time and under budget is a way of life for our project managers. Technical Design & Build-Out, Technical Project Management, Technology Refreshes, Remote Deployment are all a part of the mission. GVS can augment a current project, guide your team to the finish line or bring all the resources need to complete the project.

Design & Deployment

The Galleon team is uniquely composed of experienced technologists, audio/video specialists, cabling & design experts, and Information Technology support providers.  These unique sets of disciplines allow us to take on any number of design and deployment projects. From large enterprise level to highly specialist boutique installations GVS will make your concepts a reality.

Satisfied Customers

“GVS came into our clinic after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and did an evaluation with zero upfront costs. Galleon’s team has gone beyond just break/fix to work hands on with our staff to ensure a stable, secure, and simpler environment. GVS updated our phone system, making it possible for our staff to work from home without ever missing a call. They also created a Microsoft SharePoint environment that created a secure data transfer method between our staff and billing partner Your MedSource, who was able to utilize this from day one. I am happy to recommend Galleon’s services to anyone looking to modernize and save money on their IT infrastructure.”

Angela Redmon

“Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated Galleon’s work.  They were diligent in working out the problem with our music server, and very responsive in our discussion about it.  Their willingness to work the problem to completion was a pleasure!  It has not cut out again and that is good.”

Dr. McQuaid

“Galleon has exceeded our expectations as our IT provider.  They were great in helping us transition our IT needs to them.  They’ve responded quickly to every issue we’ve had.  They help give us the ability to focus on our providers without having to worry about the IT side of our business. ”

Debbie Fore

President, Your MedSource

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions the Galleon team commonly receives:

Will Galleon integrate with our current IT systems?

Of course we will. Many times we find ourselves called in when things have gone wrong. But that doesn’t mean we can’t work with both existing staff and partners or hardware and software that the business depend on.

How will Galleon improve our operational agility?

One of the first items Galleon does for new clients is review the business’ ability to quickly react to domains on growth and security. Bringing applications and hardware in line with best practices will often greatly improve the agility of an organization.

What is our current level of IT risk?

We maintain a very low level of IT risk as an orgniazation. We are lucky because MSPs these days have the ability to maintain a small foot print.

Is Galleon Virtual Services a better IT investment?

We try to always bring a return for our clients. Obviously every organization is unique and the needs of an organization has to be measured to determine proper synergy’s in partnerships. But I am happy that GVS has brought value to our clients both large and small.

What does Galleon Virtual’s support look like?

What does dedication look like? Our support strives to be an extension of the clients business.

Are Galleon’s solutions scalable?

Yes, we can scale as an organization and the solutions we deploy are meant to scale and last. I believe we should always leave things better than we found them. This means creating scalable solutions.