Our Managed Services methodology ensures your IT infrastructure gets the attention it needs.


Fully Managed IT Services & Support

Outsourcing IT service delivery is a smart alternative to traditional in-house IT. We can manage your IT infrastructure and handle all of the daily tasks that will keep it running smoothly with an end-to-end solution.


Our process is conceived and designed to map your business prerequisites to the security infrastructure and compliance framework your practice requires, to help you operate with the least exposure to risk.


For our first meeting, we seek to introduce ourselves and Galleon to you. We’d like to understand your current operational requirements and goals. What infrastructure do you have in place and which processes, policies, applications and frameworks do you have in place to meet your business objectives? We explain our process and methodology.


If you like what you hear in the initial meeting, we’d like to take the next step. A GAP analysis is scheduled to determine where your infrastructure or process may be deficient to meet security or compliance requirements. This analysis can show key areas for improvement or dire gaps. The goal is to get a baseline feel for the state of security in order to chart the way forward towards compliance.


Onboarding generally lasts about 30 days, depending on the size of the client and the complexity of the environment. We install each user and endpoint workstation and server into our Network Operations Center (we call it the NOC). This allows us to automate many of the IT processes necessary for security and compliance as well as support each user, workstation and server remotely. Any necessary server room or workstation redressings are handled during the onboarding period, as well as any technology refreshes needed to bring systems up to par.


This is the period where we support your organization so you can focus on growing your business.


We will supply customized monthly reports to help you understand all we’ve been doing in the background to keep your infrastructure running smoothly. Executive summary, patch and AVAM compliance, detailed insights and bandwidth usage, for example.
We schedule semi-annual reviews to help you understand the state of your IT infrastructure effort and what changes might need to be planned and budgeted to maintain compliance and performance. These sessions help us understand your business trends and allow us to keep you informed of changes needed for growth.