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With more than 20 years of experience working in a variety of clinical settings, Galleon assists Physicians in need of recommendations and implementation across a wide range of Healthcare IT specialties. We present all our clients with a detailed action plan aimed towards getting them back online. GVS can address minor issues or rebuild a complete practice with multiple complex interdependent technical solutions. We have a track record of working directly with Physicians to turn around complex compliance and technical problems.

Rapid Deployment

When an opportunity comes along, it is important to be able to strike. Galleon rises to the call when clients need an impossible project completed in a timely manner. Deploying two pharmacies over the Christmas holiday is what it takes when deadlines dictate. More important than opportunity is the necessity to rapidly deploy solutions when a practice finds themselves facing an emergency. Working in a manner that brings your clinic back online as rapidly as possible will always be our priority. Security breaches and compliance issues can find a practice needing to make rapid changes while maintaining patient schedules. COVID-19 has also seen the rapid deployment of testing and vaccination. GVS has been there to respond to physicians’ and Lab’s needs.  

Ransomware Attacks

With the rise in attacks on the healthcare community, GVS has had to come to the aid of multiple practices hit with ransomware attacks. From the moment we are engaged, GVS will work tirelessly until your practice is restored, minimizing the negative impact on your patients. GVS does not stop by simple resolving the IT issues created during a security breech. GVS works with your legal counsel to respond to OIG (Office of Inspector General) questions and self-reporting requirements. Instead of jumping ship when a practice needs their IT support the most GVS dig in to weather the storm with the physicians creating lasting partnerships.  

Hardware Refresh

The thought of replacing IT assets brings back painful expensive memories for many Physician and Practice Administrators. On top of the new confusing landscape of cloud computing and remote work, some practices are choosing to hold on to unreliable and unsecure IT assets. Let GVS assist you through the decisions and present all the options you now have available. GVS can address minor issues or rebuild a complete practice with multiple complex interdependent technical solutions. Even if you have your EMR or Practice Management software in the cloud, there are IT assets to consider inside the walls of your practice. Sometimes the difference in a smooth workflow is taking the time to ask a Physician or PA where the caregiver sits in an exam room, to make sure the exam room computers are set so the patients and caregivers are comfortable. It is the smallest detail that has the biggest impact.  

Delivering Standards

Large Renal Groups that grow from homegrown peer to peer network with 27 locations. GVS came into this busy practice and deployed a Microsoft Infrastructure with Active Directory Services, Print and File services. Worked with the staff and Physicians to utilize the new tools without interruption to the practice. This project was not limited to Microsoft but also included a hardware fresh, VOIP, 4 new sites of service and a new LAN/WANs deployment to support it all. This also helped to strengthen the culture of compliance and practical security footprint. 

Partners in Service

GVS takes immense pride in our ability to partner with others inside and out of the medical community. By working with partners providing revenue cycle management and credentialing, GVS helps to create secure seamless data sharing solutions for practices. When one of Galleon’s clients providing project management and construction solutions needed a partner who could quickly deploy technical solutions, they turned to Galleon. We value these relationships, and the stewardship owed to a partner who trusts you with their clients.  

Compliance Issues

Compliance issues are something no practice wants to be challenged with. Being told you can be held criminally liable for mistakes made by someone you thought you had outsourced responsibilities can sting. The laws are clear and covered entities are often left holding the bag. Like many things, compliance and IT can be managed using evidence-based practices for a more predictable outcome. Thankfully, it is much more affordable today to maintain a reliable and compliant IT solution than 10 years ago. It is important to note that there are no “cloud silver bullets” to meet all the technical and physical safeguards. At the bare minimum, a practice will need local firewalls and network equipment. On-prem resources should work with cloud-based resources to create a unified security standard. This and workstation configurations should be used to maintain regulatory compliance. Ask for regular reporting, you do not need to be a technologist to see if the qty of computers in a report matches what you have on your assets. 

Migrating to the Cloud

When this Orthopedic group came to GVS, migrating an on-prem Exchange 2003 server to Office365 was the least of their concerns. Making the migration happen without it becoming the center of attention was a success story. Taking Office365 resources like Teams and SharePoint then weaving them into the workflows for the clinical and front office staff helped to improve the overall technical capabilities of the practice. In addition to the Microsoft Infrastructure needs, we had a voice solution that was spread across multiple sites of service utilizing different hardware and phone carriers. Consolidating each site into a single VOIP solution allowed us to maintain the autonomy of each site while still lowering costs. As the solution matured additional cost savings were found in the elimination of answering services, which was managed through VOIP and Teams.  

When well-managed, migrating to the many cloud-based solutions can increase an organizations flexibility and reliability.  

VOIP on a national Scale

When working with a growing national healthcare partner who is responsible for the back-office functions of a high-demanding group of Anesthesiologist, mistakes are not acceptable. GVS was able to take a blended telecom solution consisting of multiple VOIP and Analog telephone providers and consolidate them into a single VOIP solution. The organization had rapidly acquired divisions and groups creating islands within the central business office and regional offices. GVS first recreated existing routing schemes while porting phone numbers. Then GVS worked with staff and leadership to standardize extensions and eliminate unused phones. During this entire transition, critical scheduling lines that Physicians and Patients rely on stayed available.  

IT Architecture

As Galleon continues to be injected into new and different environments, we have had to develop unique and sometimes complex IT environments for our clients.

Virtual Clinics

As more Independent physicians started coming to Galleon looking for solutions to their needs during the pandemic, we produced our concept of the Virtual Clinic. This was not a new concept as we have been supporting physicians in sublease space for several years. There needs to be a way to allow a single physician or practitioner who is not ready for their own brick and mortar clinic or who regularly moves their site of service to seamlessly maintain operations. We knew if we could keep the cost low while removing compliance and regulatory concerns, we would be achieving our mission of serving physicians. Although this is not a perfect fit for everyone. When it is just you, and you need everything quick, we can take you from website concepts, to working phone solution, to securely booking appointments. It is possible for physicians to have complete IT solutions at low fixed rates. We are EMR and PMS agnostic, so we work for you and work with your partners.  

  • We bring all the tools needed for workstation security and reporting.  
  • Build and maintain a website for practice 
  • Assist with social media management  
  • Deliver a VOIP solution with all the reporting a large facility would expect  
  • Helpdesk staffed with HEALTHCARE IT professionals to call during clinic hours  
  • A low fixed rate and low project startup cost 

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