Planning for business continuity and mitigating future security risks and the costs of potential breaches is a major focus for most large enterprises.

Galleon Virtual can offer enterprise-level protection for small and medium sized businesses. We offer an approach to privacy and data protection that is based on our commitment to give you control over the collection, use and distribution of your information.

We assist with identifying current threats and areas of vulnerability and will work with you to develop and implement a complete solution for effectively managing the security, privacy and reliability of your data.

Contact us for the expertise you need to ensure your business operates securely into the digital future.




Security architecture design and implementation

Threat and vulnerability management

Security monitoring and auditing

Cyber security incident response management

Security compliance management

Security awareness & training

Malware analysis

Threat intelligence analysis

Risk / Vulnerability analysis & assessment

Penetration testing

Remediation prioritization & coordination

Security audits data collection and distribution