Galleon Virtual Services offers fully managed IT and compliance solutions for our clients. Dedicated to the mission of providing Physicians and the Healthcare community with proper care, GVS can provide guidance that focuses on the reason we were engaged, and get physicians focused back on what matters. 

With more than 20 years of experience working in a variety of clinical settings, Galleon assists Physicians in need of recommendations and implementation across a wide range of Healthcare IT specialties. We present all our providers with a detailed action plan aimed at getting them back online. GVS can address minor issues or rebuild a complete practice with multiple complex interdependent technical solutions. We have a track record of working directly with Physicians to turn around complex compliance and technical problems.  

Galleon has also provided designs, project management, and deployment solutions for complex projects that require knowledge of multiple technical disciplines. Each member of our team strives to help users have positive outcomes with their technology investments.