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Galleon Virtual Services is an IT Company and Managed Service Provider based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Our mission is to serve the community with the highest quality technology services. We strive to deliver custom technology solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients and their businesses needs. Our experienced technologists provide end-to-end solutions, custom network planning, technical design, IT support, and technical installation services. Contact us today to learn how to create an IT solution for you that is easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to trust.

Design & Deployment

Creating & managing an IT infrastructure that is unique to your business needs.

Managed Services

Monthly subscriptions that help you save money with comprehensive, fixed rates.

Projects & Consulting

From network engineering to process streamlining, contact us for a free consultation.

Improving Outcomes

To improve outcomes you need process, accountable data, and training. Doctors and nurses use these skills and wisdom to improve patient outcomes daily. We apply these same principals in everything we do.

Technology by the numbers

Having experience in a range of environments supporting mission critical and the smallest of startups gives us a unique set of capabilities.

Managed Desktops

Physicians Served

Office Space & Clinic Design Builds

Technical Projects Completed

Technology by the numbers

Having experience in a range of environments supporting mission critical and the smallest of startups gives us a unique set of capabilities.

Managed Desktops

Physicians Served

Office Space & Clinic Design Builds

Technical Projects Completed

Signature Process

At Galleon we care for the success and stability of our clients just as much as we care for our own. Let Galleon give you and your staff the services and treatment you deserve, all while driving to lower your costs.


A Leader In The Industry

Galleon has always strived to provide our customers with the highest quality IT services available in today’s market.





Featured Partners

Galleon Virtual Services works directly with technology providers, so you do not have to. Let us maintain and support your IT so you can go back to focusing on more important things.


Whether your challenges are big or small, global, or local, Galleon Virtual Services can help you find the right solution.

Managed Technical Services

You should not have to worry about the stability of your IT infrastructure. Let us manage all your technical services, from your phones to your cloud environment. Experience a new type of functionality with Galleon.

Helpdesk Services

Do you ever get frustrated waiting on hold? One of Galleon’s goals is to provide the highest quality customer focused IT Helpdesk Services available. The difference? Our skilled technical team genuinely cares about getting your problem solved as quickly as possible. So you can get back to doing your job.

Business Continuity

In our modern digital age, there are numerous threats to companies and their daily operations. Healthcare providers need assurance that they will still be able to perform their duties during emergency events. Galleon will help you in your Business Continuity Planning to ensure you can always do your job.

Security Services

In today’s climate, it is too easy for companies’ sensitive data to get compromised. Galleon can be your managed security service provider.

Project Management

Galleon’s founding team has not only worked in technology and healthcare IT before starting their own company but have spent years working as Project Managers for large projects. From building chains of hospitals to equipping school districts with the latest classroom technology, Galleon Virtual Services can tackle it all.

Cloud Services

Take your IT to a higher level with Cloud Services. We can manage and develop your cloud strategy to give you the most value balanced with the availability and resources you need.

Satisfied Customers

“The Galleon team is absolutely a pleasure to work with. I was tasked with managing buildouts for two new, state-of-the-art facilities for a hospital system in Frisco, TX. Opening such a technologically advanced facility is clearly no easy task and I acquired their services for help with planning and deploying IT infrastructure. They delivered fully integrated solutions for both hospitals and I learned some valuable information along the way. Considering that these were the first new start-ups for my organization, I felt great confidence in Galleon’s vision, planning and skill, which inherently makes a CFO’s life much more comfortable. Even when facing tremendous deadlines and with all the bumps in the road that come along with startups, they maintained an excellent degree of customer service for both hospitals, which were departmentally diverse with monumental support needs.”

Jared Brown

CFO, Community Health Systems

“I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge your incredible effort. Since you walked in the door you have worked tirelessly for us to move forward. I am incredibly appreciative of the long hours and late nights you put in to decrease disruption for our staff. And I’m eminently more confident in our compliance, security, and functionality. Thank you, very much. I have nothing but positive things to say about Doug and believe his leadership would add value to any IT department or infrastructure project.”

David Murcott

CEO, RealTime Laboratories, Inc.

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